Care in the Community

Funeral Services in English

We have distributed publicity to every funeral director in the region introducing Christ Church in the Manche and telling them and any of their clients that we can offer Funeral Services in English. This assistance has been offered to several British families, who have benefited from the pastoral care that is so important at this difficult time without the extra stress of a language barrier.

The ministry team will administer the services with due care and sensitivity.




Hospital visiting service

Our Hospital Visiting leaflets have been circulated throughout the area. If you or a relative are hospitalised please ask for a visit.

For further information contact Rev David Jackson (Tel. 02 33 49 64 41).

English Community Library


The library that was run by Linda Brooke at her home has now been moved to the old Presbytery in the Anglican Centre at Gratot-HommŽel.


The opening hours are:

The 1st Thursday and 3rd Tuesday of each month 10h30 to 12h30


Do you feel isolated, the language and the culture wearing you down? Perhaps you are lonely, disabled, housebound or just plain bored.

We welcome you to use the biggest English library in the area boasting:

Over 3000 BOOKS as well as Talking Books

....all promising to transport you to realms at the limits of your imagination. There is

something for all tastes. What's more