from John Goddard, Co-ordinator of the street pastors in Merton

Greetings to you from Merton Street Pastors. We hope and pray that you will be encouraged by the latest news from Merton’s streets.

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On the Streets...

In May 2017, 34 of our volunteers patrolled representing 18 churches.

On 5th May in Mitcham, the team spent time with a man who was worried about his father who was in a coma in a hospital in Portugal and had a flight booked to travel to Portugal the next day. They also spoke to several other people including a Romanian man who was worried about being able to pay for hospital treatment that he needed.

On 5th May in Morden, the team said hello to the security guards at the Mosque, helped a drunk man get safely on a bus and had a few chats with different people around the town.

On 5th May in Wimbledon, the team spent a good amount of time talking with a group of street drinkers/rough sleepers and prayed for a couple of them. They had prayed for one of them two months before and were pleased to see him looking a lot healthier. They also had other conversations, picked up bottles and offered assistance in the form of water and tissues to one young lady being sick outside Burger King.

On 12th May in Mitcham, the team engaged with a group of men outside Ladbrokes. At one point it got heated so the team prayed, formed a barrier between one man and the rest of the group and after a little while peace was restored. As usual, there were some good conversation in the White Lion of Mortimer Pub over a cup of tea half way through.

On 19th May in Morden, the team continued to give thanks for the change in reception at the Royal Surrey Pub. When we first patrolled they were a little unsure about who we were but now they welcome us warmly so we can have a cup of tea half way round. It was a good night that got busier when people arrived back on the tube around 12am.

On 19th May in Wimbledon, the team removed a number of bottles from the streets and found an unattended knife which they took to the Police Station to get it off the streets. They waited with one woman until her taxi arrived for which she was grateful. They helped reunite a very drunk young woman with her friend who said they would get her home safely. This was much to the annoyance of a very drunk man who said they’d interfered as he was going to see her home. They also prayed with another man after a discussion about the Christian faith.

On 26th May in Mitcham, the team went into a number of local shops to greet business owners to encourage them. They prayed with a number of people including two business owners, one man we’ve been bumping into for years and another who they found on a bench by the pond.

On 26th May in Wimbledon, the team had some good conversations and particularly helped two young woman who were quite drunk sober up a little and get safely in a cab home.


Praying - 38 people from 24 Churches

The “On the Streets” section highlights many positive interactions out on the streets but there are also some challenging ones. Please thank God that we are able to care for those who are happy and those who are troubled. Please do remember some of the items in prayer so that the Church in Merton can continue to minister into those situations.

Please pray that we would be successful in reaching out to the lost in our town centres and that our volunteers would be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to serve on the streets as well as kept safe by the gracious hand of our heavenly Father.

Given the recent events in our nation there are a number of initiatives seeking to gather people to pray. Revd. Canon Les Isaac OBE, co-founder of Street Pastors, is organising a time of prayer for our nation on Tuesday 4th July from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, SW1P 3DW. Download more details by clicking here.

Given the nature of these events, please particularly pray for the Response Pastors who have been deployed in both Manchester and London, including one from our Merton team. Response Pastors are Street Pastor volunteers who have undertaken additional training to offer a listening ear and a reassuring presence after critical incidents when there are often people gathering on the streets.

Additionally, linked specifically to the work of Street Pastors, there will be a national Prayer Pastors Gathering taking place on Thursday 13th July 2017 from 10am to 5pm at St Marks Church, Kennington in South London. Please get in touch if you’re interested in attending. Tickets cost £20 and can be booked by clicking here. Faith Forster, responsible for Icthus’ Prayer Community, will be speaking.

Giving – 33 people from 21 Churches giving £505 a month

We are so thankful to the individuals who give regularly each month and others who make one off gifts from time to time. In the last month, we are very thankful for a donation from 4th Morden Girls’ Brigade. We are also extremely thankful for the regular monthly giving from Sutton Christian Centre, Life Changers Church and Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon.

We currently have the equivalent of 50 people giving £10 a month to support our work. We would need 198 people to sign up to completely cover our costs. Can you be number 51? Click here to sign up or make a one off gift to us via Stewardship's platform.

Volunteering – 50 people from 27 Churches trained


5 FULL Subsidies available for September training course

Thanks to funding from the COOP Local Community Fund we have 5 full subsidies to offer ahead of the September 2017 training course which commences on Saturday 9th September.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch now and arrange to come out to observe a patrol with us as soon as possible…that’s the first step. See dates below.

In the coming weeks we plan to have teams out in:

  • Mitcham on 7th July, 14th July and 28th July from 8pm to 12am.
  • Morden on 7th July and 21st July from 9pm to 1am.
  • Wimbledon on 30th June, 7th July, 21st July and 28th July from 10pm to 2.30am.

Contact us if you’d like to come out and see what happens one night…you’re very welcome.

We hope you found this update interesting and informative. If it was forwarded to you by a friend, please do contact us if you'd like to receive your own copy next month.

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Wishing you every blessing.

John Goddard

Coordinator - Merton Street Pastors