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Trinity Sunday - May 2016

 Jesus says to us: “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. 13When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth”

This gives me real hope because he tells us that we are on a journey and we cannot understand all things about God, about life, about salvation in one go. What a relief! The Holy Trinity is perhaps one of the most difficult expressions of God to grasp. How can 1 +1+1=1? How can God be the one and only God and yet be manifested and understood by Christian people as three persons who are in fact one person?

Understanding and knowing God takes time, and indeed we may understand very little about God and about God in our lives until, at the end, we are gathered together in the heavenly place at the heavenly banquet!  

So if you have questions about the Holy Trinity that's not only ok, but as it should be! In fact I would be warey of the one who knows it all – they are probably wrong! 

Nevertheless, Jesus does give us the promise that we will be guided into all truth and that will happen through the Spirit. That means that it is a question of revelation.  

Revelation is a process in which truth will be revealed little by little in the power of the Spirit, but revelation will happen when we are ready to receive it and not before. 

When we are ready, when we are receptive and open our eyes and ears, when we are at a certain point in life, when we are able to bear it, truth will be revealed.

God's truth will be revealed in Scripture, in prayer, in communion, in hymns but also in many different ways – life experience, in inspired music, dance, poetry and literature, or in nature - the light, the darkness, the wind and the beauty and goodness of creation.  It will be revealed to us in the world, in the lives of non believers and in the lives of those of other faiths. It may be revealed to us in the pain and the righteous anger that we feel when we realise the extent of innocent suffering in the world.  

So let's keep alert so as not to miss the revelation, or the  gift of truth that God offers us. William Barclay says:

“Truth is not a human discovery; it is God's gift. It is not something we create; it is something waiting to be discovered. At the back of all truth there is God”. 

Although the Holy Trinity is not mentioned as such in the Bible, the people of God have, over two thoudand years, continually experienced God as three in one. They have experienced God as Father; creator, as Son; priest, prophet, king and Holy Saviour and as Holy Spirit; life giving sustainer: all three living in equality and perfect love. 

Jesus is our greatest source of revelation . Jesus shows us what God is like – a God who pours his love out to the world, who comes to live and be with us through the power of the Spirit. Jesus comes as truth – he is the way, the truth and the life; living and dying for us in the power of the Spirit. 

However revelation is given, it will always draw us into all truth. That means that we don't just see it, or think it but that we are drawn into it and become part of it. We become one with God, one with the Son in the power of the Spirit. We are drawn into a community of self giving love.  We are drawn into the love of the Holy Trinity!

Over the last weeks, we have heard how Jesus lives in the Father and that the Father lives in the Son. Today we hear that all that is God's belongs to Jesus and all that belongs to Jesus is God's. We have heard that the Father and the Son have a relationship of love which they share with us, and we are told to draw others into the circle of love.

However the revelation of God comes it will be a revelation of self giving, creative, life giving love. If it is a revelation of the truth it will be one which binds us together in love and which works for the common good. It will be a revelation which fires us to reach out to others in that love.  

God, the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is one God, and God is love: love which invites us to enter into the Godly dance of love and to invite the whole of creation to come and join in. Amen

Christine Bloomfield