The Oasis

Writings from the ministry team

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Dear brothers and sisters of Christ Church, La Manche, 

Thank you all for your friendship and fellowship during our month with you. It has been a real priviledge to have got to know you, both as worshipping congregations and as individuals who have welcomed us into the life of the Church. Lionel and I thank you all very much. 

During our stay, you have taken the decision to take a step of faith in deciding to have a new priest in charge. This is no small decision and I know that some of you are a little fearful of the necessary financial commitment.  However, a loving leader, committed to working with the dedicated and gifted ministry team, to enabling others to grow, and to draw you together in a common vision will open up many possibilities for unity and growth. Of course there is a cost to this, but I am sure that in grateful response to God's  goodness, the cost can be met. 

You are a diverse, gifted and faithful group of people and I am sure that God has a plan for you in this place. So don't fear, but keep your eyes firmly on the Kingdom. All will be well! 

I hope to see you again in beautiful Normandy and keep you all in my prayers. 

All blessings,